This is Honduras! Welcome!  This is site is dedicated to Honduras.  Here you will find information about Honduran geography, history, people, culture, food, economy, and other interesting topics.  We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon!

Places to Visit

Explore the best Honduras has to offer, from white sandy beaches, some of the best SCUBA diving in the world, tropical rain forests, archeological sites, outdoor activities, and nature reserves.

People, Culture, Arts

Learn which languages we speak, what special ocassions we celebrate, what sports we're passionate about, and what our traditional arts and crafts are.


Where exactly is Honduras?
How does one get there?
How to travel in Honduras?

Honduran Food!

Find out what lovely food we'd like to share with you and even learn how to cook it yourself - we've got a selection of recipes for you.


Explore the amazing diversity of creatures that inhabit our land, seas, and skies.


Learn how Hondurans make a living, find out what we export to the rest of the world. &nsbpYou may already have coffee or fruit grown in Honduras or be using apparel made there.

Ethnic Groups

Honduras is rich in ethnic diversity.  Discover the ethnic groups share our territory and how their history is linked to the history of our nation.

Honduran History

Explore the country's history, from pre-Columbian times, through colonial period, our fight for independence, the Cold War, and more.

Famous Hondurans

Find out who's making their mark beyond Honduran borders.  You may have already heard our music or watched us play football!


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